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  • Lamb halter
    1/2" wide nylon webbing. Figure 8 style. Buckle head adjustment.

    To fit up to approx newborn - 2 month old lamb. Adjustable figure eight 25" - 30"
    NZ$ 22.50
  • Sheep halter
    5/8" wide nylon webbing.
    Strong welded nickel rings and buckles.
    Buckle head and nylon slide nose adjustment.
    Small size (fits older lamb) or adult sizes. For smaller lambs, see my "Lamb halter".
    NZ$ 27.50
  • Neck Tags
    3/4" wide Nylon webbing neck tags with velcro closures. Come complete with split ring and white tag.
    1 unit is a pack of 5 of the same colour and size.
    (So when you purchase 1 unit, you get 5 in the pack.)
    Available in 3 sizes small (35cm end to end), medium (50cm end to end) and large (65cm end to end).
    NZ$ 36.50
  • Double ended  tie
    5/8" wide triple thickness nylon webbing.
    Very handy double ended tie up lead.
    Swivel clips at both ends.
    NZ$ 15.00
  • Lead - Webbing - Medium weight
    Medium weight 19mm wide webbing lead.
    Nickel plated swivel clip.
    NZ$ 17.00
  • Lead - Webbing - heavy weight
    Very strong 25mm wide webbing lead.
    Heavy duty nickel swivel clip.
    NZ$ 22.00
  • Lead - short - 19mm
    16" long 3/4" wide nylon webbing.

    Strong double thickness webbing.
    Nickle swivel clip.
    NZ$ 15.00
  • Lead - short - 25mm
    16" long 1" wide nylon webbing. Strong double thickness webbing.
    Heavy duty nickle swivel clip.
    Suitable for large strong bucks.
    NZ$ 20.00
  • Lead - Medium braided with brass clip
    Lovely soft medium weight braided cord lead.

    Strong, non-slip and washable.

    Approx 1.5 m long
    NZ$ 27.50